YUAN TSI, Beverage Dispenser

Yuán tsì is a simple and easy to use machine that creates a new daily ritual for the Chinese people living in big cities. One will be able to use their own metro card to buy their favorite beverage and directly fill their own personal bottle.

This machine, found in metro stations, stores or even apartment compounds, has been researched to be the most convenient for Chinese. We chose basic technology that corresponds to city dwellers habits, such as a touch screen and RFID reader.

This service uses a refillable system, specifically hygienic tanks which helps to avoid a lot of waste.

Besides saving space in stores, this machine also saves money as you only buy the content and not the packaging.

This project has been made in partner with XL+ Design Consultancy


2011, designed with Alexandre Avranches and Abigail Potié




In China, a huge part of the beverage market is iced teas, waters and various other flavored drinks. Every store contains a big range of various Chinese beverages in plastic bottles which occupy a lot of space.