LUNAR, Facial Recognition System

Lunar is a metro station payment system service centered on facial recognition. We chose organic lines and a transparent aesthetic in order to create discrete products. This aesthetic represents a system, which requires a societal acceptance of a personal data storage philosophy, called “transparency”. 

The first product is a boundary, which uses a projected interface. Its function is to create your facial recognition account as well as to refill your account. The second product is a facial recognition checkpoint, which functions only as a scanner for user’s faces at the entrances and the exits of the metro station.

This project received the third prize at the 2011 Shanghai design exhibition.


2011, designed with Valentin Gauffre and Arthur Kenzo


The goal of this project was to create Shanghai's future metro station. We focused on the payment system and its related products. Our goal was to make the Shanghainese daily journey easier and more fluid.