Light Link

Shanghai is the flagship and the center of China’s incredible growth and ambition. As a result of this mass migration and an increasing density, Shanghai is now what we can call a vertical city.

One consequence of Shanghai’s rapid growth is that construction security measures are not always respected and the ever-increasing height of the buildings can pose as a potential threat during fires or other emergencies. 

The goal of this project is to help people evacuate safely from high-rise buildings. During an emergency people care for their family as much as they rely on them. This is why the main function of Light Link is to reassure people by helping families to stay together, a key point for an efficient evacuation.

In Shanghai the environment during a fire is typically very dark as most fires occur by night. Moreover the firemen often have to cut the electricity for safety reasons. For this reason Light Link uses chemiluminescence, a non-toxic and non-flammable technology that is commonly used by the US army, because it doesn't require any electricity or battery.

Light Link is about making the individual stick together. Its iconic shape is easily understandable and its usage is intuitive.






A dispenser has been designed to integrate the Light Link in a strategic position between apartments and stairs.